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PhD in

Applied Cognitive & Brain Sciences

We are recruiting students for Fall 2022!

Applicants with prior research experience in cognitive or affective neuroscience are strongly encouraged to apply and contribute to the lab's research on cognitive and affective regulation, conceptual knowledge/ semantic memory, and creative problem solving. Strong quantitative,  programming, and writing skills are preferred. Prior experience with noninvasive brain stimulation, functional neuroimaging, and data analysis is desirable but not required.

Abstract Sculpture

Masters of Science in Psychology


We are recruiting students for Fall 2022!

Applicants interested in a research career in cognitive or affective neuroscience and its applications are strongly encouraged to apply. Masters students have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research in the lab, but also pursue their independent projects toward the completion of an empirical MS thesis. Successful applicants typically have strong quantitative and writing skills. A background in psychology, neuroscience, or related fields is desirable.

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Become an

Undergraduate Research Assistant

We are recruiting throughout the academic year; email Dr. Chrysikou for availability.

Our lab has a long history of excellence in undergraduate training and mentorship, with most lab alumni pursuing PhD degrees in psychology and neuroscience. A minimum of one year commitment is required for meaningful research experience in cognitive neuroscience. Students typically join the lab in the fall of their sophomore or junior year and stay for an additional year to complete a senior thesis in psychology. An application and in-person interview are required.

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