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Masters Students

Kianté Fernandez


Kianté earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Shippensburg University, with an emphasis on Political Psychology. While attending he focused on judgment and decision-making, specifically as it relates to organizational behavior. Broadly his main interests are in predicting, explaining, and influencing moral judgment and decision-making processes associated with the study of relations between individual as they are affected by group membership. To these ends he applies models from the field of behavioral economics to better understand how people make moral judgments about neuroethical questions such as one’s willingness to consent neuromodulation. He also has interests in the utilization of brain stimulation to modulate moral problem-solving capabilities. By targeting the related high-level cognitive-affective networks in the brain, he aims to better understand the coordinated interactions of the brain’s infrastructure for complex thought. His aims after earning his master’s degree are to continue working towards his Ph.D. in a related field and pursue research. Outside of research, his hobbies include reading, distance running, and trying to convince his friends to meditate.

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